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January 1st - (VH1 European)

January 2nd - (VH1 European)

January 3rd - (VH1 European)

January 4th - (VH1 European)

January 5th - (VH1 European)

January 6th - (VH1 European)

January 7th - (VH1 European)

January 8th - (VH1 European)

January 9th - (VH1 European)

January 11th - (VH1 European)

January 12th - (VH1 European)

January 13th - (VH1 European)

January 14th - (VH1 European)

January 15th - (VH1 European)

January 16th - (VH1 European)

January 18th - (VH1 European)

January 19th - (VH1 European)

January 20th - (VH1 European)

January 21st - (VH1 European)

January 22nd - (VH1 European)

January 23rd - (VH1 European)

January 24th - (VH1 European)

January 25th - (VH1 European)

January 26th - (VH1 European)

January 27th - (VH1 European)

January 28th - (VH1 European)

January 29th - (VH1 European)

January 30th - (VH1 European)

February 1st - (VH1 European)

February 2nd - (VH1 European)

February 3rd - (VH1 European)

February 4th - (VH1 European)

February 5th - (VH1 European)

February 6th - (VH1 European)

February 7th - (VH1 European)

February 8th - (VH1 European)

February 9th - (VH1 European)

February 10th - (VH1 European)

February 11th - (VH1 European)

February 12th - (VH1 European)

February 13th - (VH1 European)

February 14th - (VH1 European)

February 15th - (VH1 European)

February 16th - (VH1 European)

February 17th - (VH1 European)

February 18th - (VH1 European)

February 19th - (VH1 European)

February 20th - (VH1 European)

February 21st - (VH1 European)

February 22nd - (VH1 European)

February 23rd - (VH1 European)

February 24th - (VH1 European)

February 25th - (VH1 European)

February 26th - (VH1 European)

February 27th - (VH1 European)

February 28th - (VH1 European)

March 1st - (VH1 European)

March 2nd - (VH1 European)

March 3rd - (VH1 European)

March 4th - (VH1 European)

March 5th - (VH1 European)

March 6th - (VH1 European)

March 7th - (VH1 European)

March 8th - (VH1 European)

March 9th - (VH1 European)

March 10th - (VH1 European)

March 11th - (VH1 European)

March 12th - (VH1 European)

March 13th - (VH1 European)

March 14th - (VH1 European)

March 15th - (VH1 European)

March 16th - (VH1 European)

March 17th - (VH1 European)

March 18th - (VH1 European)

March 19th - (VH1 European)

March 20th - (VH1 European)

March 21st - (VH1 European)

March 22nd - (VH1 European)

March 23rd - (VH1 European)

March 24th - (VH1 European)

March 25th - (VH1 European)

March 26th - (VH1 European)

March 27th - (VH1 European)

March 28th - (VH1 European)

March 29th - (VH1 European)

March 30th - (VH1 European)

March 31st - (VH1 European)

April 1st - (VH1 European)

April 2nd - (VH1 European)

April 3rd - (VH1 European)

April 4th - (VH1 European)

April 5th - (VH1 European)

April 6th - (VH1 European)

April 7th - (VH1 European)

April 8th - (VH1 European)

April 9th - (VH1 European)

April 10th - (VH1 European)

April 11th - (VH1 European)

April 12th - (VH1 European)

April 13th - (VH1 European)

April 14th - (VH1 European)

April 15th - (VH1 European)

April 16th - (VH1 European)

April 17th - (VH1 European)

April 18th - (VH1 European)

April 19th - (VH1 European)

April 20th - (VH1 European)

April 21st - (VH1 European)

April 22nd - (VH1 European)

April 23rd - (VH1 European)

April 24th - (VH1 European)

April 25th - (VH1 European)

April 26th - (VH1 European)

April 27th - (VH1 European)

April 28th - (VH1 European)

April 29th - (VH1 European)

April 30th - (VH1 European)

May 1st - (VH1 European)

May 2nd - (VH1 European)

May 3rd - (VH1 European)

May 4th - (VH1 European)

May 5th - (VH1 European)

May 6th - (VH1 European)

May 7th - (VH1 European)

May 8th - (VH1 European)

May 9th - (VH1 European)

May 10th - (VH1 European)

May 11th - (VH1 European)

May 12th - (VH1 European)

May 13th - (VH1 European)

May 14th - (VH1 European)

May 15th - (VH1 European)

May 16th - (VH1 European)

May 17th - (VH1 European)

May 18th - (VH1 European)

May 19th - (VH1 European)

May 20th - (VH1 European)

May 21st - (VH1 European)

May 22nd - (VH1 European)

May 23rd - (VH1 European)

May 24th - (VH1 European)

May 25th - (VH1 European)

May 26th - (VH1 European)

May 27th - (VH1 European)

May 28th - (VH1 European)

May 29th - (VH1 European)

May 30th - (VH1 European)

May 31st - (VH1 European)

June 1st - (VH1 European)

June 2nd - (VH1 European)

June 3rd - (VH1 European)

June 4th - (VH1 European)

June 5th - (VH1 European)

June 6th - (VH1 European)

June 7th - (VH1 European)

June 8th - (VH1 European)

June 9th - (VH1 European)

June 10th - (VH1 European)

June 11th - (VH1 European)

June 12th - (VH1 European)

June 13th - (VH1 European)

June 14th - (VH1 European)

June 15th - (VH1 European)

June 16th - (VH1 European)

June 17th - (VH1 European)

June 18th - (VH1 European)

June 19th - (VH1 European)

June 20th - (VH1 European)

June 21st - (VH1 European)

June 22nd - (VH1 European)

June 23rd - (VH1 European)

June 24th - (VH1 European)

June 25th - (VH1 European)

June 26th - (VH1 European)

June 27th - (VH1 European)

June 28th - (VH1 European)

June 29th - (VH1 European)

June 30th - (VH1 European)

July 1st - (VH1 European)

July 2nd - (VH1 European)

July 3rd - (VH1 European)

July 4th - (VH1 European)

July 5th - (VH1 European)

July 6th - (VH1 European)

July 7th - (VH1 European)

July 8th - (VH1 European)

July 9th - (VH1 European)

July 10th - (VH1 European)

July 11th - (VH1 European)

July 12th - (VH1 European)

July 13th - (VH1 European)

July 14th - (VH1 European)

July 15th - (VH1 European)

July 16th - (VH1 European)

July 17th - (VH1 European)

July 18th - (VH1 European)

July 19th - (VH1 European)

July 20th - (VH1 European)

July 21st - (VH1 European)

July 22nd - (VH1 European)

July 23rd - (VH1 European)

July 24th - (VH1 European)

July 25th - (VH1 European)

July 26th - (VH1 European)

July 27th - (VH1 European)

July 28th - (VH1 European)

July 29th - (VH1 European)

July 30th - (VH1 European)

July 31st - (VH1 European)

August 1st - (VH1 European)

August 2nd - (VH1 European)

August 3rd - (VH1 European)

August 4th - (VH1 European)

August 5th - (VH1 European)

August 6th - (VH1 European)

August 7th - (VH1 European)

August 8th - (VH1 European)

August 9th - (VH1 European)

August 10th - (VH1 European)

August 11th - (VH1 European)

August 12th - (VH1 European)

August 13th - (VH1 European)

August 14th - (VH1 European)

August 15th - (VH1 European)

August 16th - (VH1 European)

August 17th - (VH1 European)

August 18th - (VH1 European)

August 19th - (VH1 European)

August 20th - (VH1 European)

August 21st - (VH1 European)

August 22nd - (VH1 European)

August 23rd - (VH1 European)

August 24th - (VH1 European)

August 25th - (VH1 European)

August 26th - (VH1 European)

August 27th - (VH1 European)

August 28th - (VH1 European)

August 29th - (VH1 European)

August 30th - (VH1 European)

August 31st - (VH1 European)

September 1st - (VH1 European)

September 2nd - (VH1 European)

September 3rd - (VH1 European)

September 4th - (VH1 European)

September 5th - (VH1 European)

September 6th - (VH1 European)

September 7th - (VH1 European)

September 8th - (VH1 European)

September 9th - (VH1 European)

September 10th - (VH1 European)

September 11th - (VH1 European)

September 12th - (VH1 European)

September 13th - (VH1 European)

September 14th - (VH1 European)

September 15th - (VH1 European)

September 16th - (VH1 European)

September 17th - (VH1 European)

September 18th - (VH1 European)

September 19th - (VH1 European)

September 20th - (VH1 European)

September 21st - (VH1 European)

September 22nd - (VH1 European)

September 23rd - (VH1 European)

September 24th - (VH1 European)

September 25th - (VH1 European)

September 26th - (VH1 European)

September 27th - (VH1 European)

September 28th - (VH1 European)

September 29th - (VH1 European)

September 30th - (VH1 European)

October 1st - (VH1 European)

October 2nd - (VH1 European)

October 3rd - (VH1 European)

October 4th - (VH1 European)

October 5th - (VH1 European)

October 6th - (VH1 European)

October 7th - (VH1 European)

October 8th - (VH1 European)

October 9th - (VH1 European)

October 10th - (VH1 European)

October 11th - (VH1 European)

October 12th - (VH1 European)

October 13th - (VH1 European)

October 14th - (VH1 European)

October 15th - (VH1 European)

October 16th - (VH1 European)

October 17th - (VH1 European)

October 18th - (VH1 European)

October 19th - (VH1 European)

October 20th - (VH1 European)

October 21st - (VH1 European)

October 22nd - (VH1 European)

October 23rd - (VH1 European)

October 24th - (VH1 European)

October 25th - (VH1 European)

October 26th - (VH1 European)

October 27th - (VH1 European)

October 28th - (VH1 European)

October 29th - (VH1 European)

October 30th - (VH1 European)

October 31st - (VH1 European)

November 1st - (VH1 European)

November 2nd - (VH1 European)

November 3rd - (VH1 European)

November 4th - (VH1 European)

November 5th - (VH1 European)

November 6th - (VH1 European)

November 7th - (VH1 European)

November 8th - (VH1 European)

November 9th - (VH1 European)

November 10th - (VH1 European)

November 11th - (VH1 European)

November 12th - (VH1 European)

November 13th - (VH1 European)

November 14th - (VH1 European)

November 15th - (VH1 European)

November 16th - (VH1 European)

November 17th - (VH1 European)

November 18th - (VH1 European)

November 19th - (VH1 European)

November 20th - (VH1 European)

November 21st - (VH1 European)

November 22nd - (VH1 European)

November 23rd - (VH1 European)

November 24th - (VH1 European)

November 25th - (VH1 European)

November 26th - (VH1 European)

November 27th - (VH1 European)

November 28th - (VH1 European)

November 29th - (VH1 European)

November 30th - (VH1 European)

December 1st - (VH1 European)

December 2nd - (VH1 European)

December 3rd - (VH1 European)

December 4th - (VH1 European)

December 5th - (VH1 European)

December 6th - (VH1 European)

December 7th - (VH1 European)

December 8th - (VH1 European)

December 9th - (VH1 European)

December 10th - (VH1 European)

December 11th - (VH1 European)

December 12th - (VH1 European)

December 13th - (VH1 European)

December 14th - (VH1 European)

December 15th - (VH1 European)

December 16th - (VH1 European)

December 17th - (VH1 European)

December 18th - (VH1 European)

December 19th - (VH1 European)

December 20th - (VH1 European)

December 21st - (VH1 European)

December 22nd - (VH1 European)

December 23rd - (VH1 European)

December 24th - (VH1 European)

December 25th - (VH1 European)

December 26th - (VH1 European)

December 27th - (VH1 European)

December 28th - (VH1 European)

December 29th - (VH1 European)

December 30th - (VH1 European)

December 31st - (VH1 European)