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Welcome to the parallel universe of


This is a tribute to the most original, brain-expanding, spectacularly bizarre MTV show of all time. A long-standing bastion of stimulating creativity, delightful unpredictability and contagious unconventionality.  

CHILL OUT ZONE is a late-night MTV show focusing on the finest underground electronic and alternative music, showcasing a healthy dose of unusual, often challenging and always highly enjoyable tunes. It can be weird and fun, relaxing and danceable, electronic, electric, acoustic, instrumental, ultra-cool, horribly wonderful or a combination of the above. It first appeared on MTV Europe in 1993, bringing together generations of insomniac music enthusiasts across the continent ever since.

It currently airs every Friday night @ 03:00 CET on MTV GSA, which broadcasts free to air to the whole of Europe via satellite (ASTRA 19.2 East).


CHIILL OUT ZONE takes you on an exciting journey through the realms of top-notch audio/visual creations. Whether you're just in from a heavy night out, or simply staying up late searching for something truly special to watch, it provides the perfect soundtrack with a blend of ambient house, trip hop, drum & bass, downtempo, acid, psychedelic trance, laid-back techno, avantgarde, shoegaze, dub, minimal, nu-jazz, lounge, post-modern indie, leftfield electronica and any other mind-bending genre you can (or can't) think of.


With its abundance of trippy graphics, animations and visual concepts coming straight out of the classic rave/clubbing era, the show can be regarded as a real goldmine of seldom-seen, little-known experimental cuts lifted from MTV's incredibly vast music video library, offering a level of editorial curation not found elsewhere on TV - let alone on algorithm-driven online platforms!


You can expect oddities aplenty from stoned Scottish, wasted Welsh, pretentious Poles, deranged Dutch and intoxicated Italian producers, to name but a few.

 So let CHILL OUT ZONE be your stereo for the night. No matter how late it is... you definitely won't want to go to bed!