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Not getting any Chill Out Zone? Or is it just not enough for you, unordinary music freak? Don't give up your hopes: there are other good  programs on MTV where you can get your regular fix of great music!

Below is a selection of highly recommended programs: check them out!



- PARTY ZONE The essential dance music mix. MTV's longest-running show in Europe, born not only when the channel was born, way back in August 1987, but also when club culture was at its embryonic stage. The show has not just reflected all trends in cutting-edge club music, it has set them. It mixes the best in garage, house, techno, electronica, trance and drum & bass, both old and new.

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- ALTERNATIVE NATION  explores all territories of alternative music, from avantgarde to psychedelia, experimental noise, indie pop and lots, lots more...

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