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Welcome to the parallel universe of


This is the place to be for all those who've followed this spectacular program over the years, as well as for all ambient, chill out, trip hop, drum & bass, downtempo, IDM, laid-back trance, acid jazz, lounge, underground, avantgarde, minimal, mellow, dub... and simply unordinary electronic music freaks.

MTV's CHILL OUT ZONE is a weekly program showcasing all the finest chill-out music around. It brings you a healthy dose of unusual, highly enjoyable tunes. It can be weird and fun, relaxing and danceable, electronic, electric, acoustic, instrumental, cool or just horribly wonderful. It first appeared on MTV Europe in 1993 and connected a generation of insomniac music enthusiasts for many years to follow. At present, localized versions of the show are still available in a small number of European territories.



All you need to do is kick back and relax as MTV takes you on an exciting journey through the coolest chill-out, trip hop, ambient, drum & bass, laid-back techno, post-modern indie and mellow electronic tunes!


If you're looking for something atypical, bizarre, extravagant and unique, this is your show! You can expect music videos from stoned Scottish, wasted Welsh, pretentious Poles, deranged Dutch as well as from intoxicated Italian producers.


So let MTV be your stereo for the night. Even though you will be back at home, you won't want to go to bed! This program is perfect all for those just in from a heavy night out, as well as for those who enjoy staying up till the sun comes up; staying in is the new going out, don't you know!


The most ingenious and innovative tracks are accompanied by the best in cutting-edge graphics and animation. You can check out CHILL OUT ZONE every weekend in the early morning hours by tuning into your regional MTV.

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